Keep your  food or drinks the temperature you want them for up to 24 hours.

  • Picnic’s are fabulous, but you can’t bet on the weather being in your favour. Regardless of the weather, keep your lunch the right temperature.
  • The stiff base will keep everything nice and stable, and the tough oilskin will keep it all dry even if the weather is a little bit ‘how’s it going’.
  • The Port is filled with Australian wool that will keep your picnic food the temperature you want. Hot or cold? No problem. Hot and cold? It can do that too.
  • The bag features an insulated flap that Velcros closed to seal in the cold, and a second removable flap can be placed anywhere in the bag to be an extra layer of insulation, or even separate between warm and cold food.
  • The final layer of protection is the lid, which flaps over the front and closes with a leather-strap and D-ring system to keep everything inside.
  • Two heavy-duty straps make the bag easily portable.


  • Weatherproof oilskin will keep your picnic dry regardless of the weather.
  • The 100% Australian wool insulation will keep your picnic cool (or warm) regardless of the weather.
  • Sturdy base to keep everything level and stable.
  • Lid closes with a leather strap and D-ring system to keep your picnic inside.
  • Insulated flap seals the cool air in.
  • Separate insulation layer keeps things cooler or warmer for longer or creates a barrier between cool and warm food.
  • Easy to carry with two heavy-duty webbing straps.

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