The Thick Full Cushioned Sock is made using 84 needles;

  • Comprises of 75%, 22.5 micron merino wool and 25% nylon.
  • A terry knitting instrument lying between every needle on the machine creates a warm and springy cushion inside the sock.
  • The air pockets within the terry knit act to insulate your feet whilst allowing them to breathe and allowing the wool fibres to absorb any moisture, keeping your feet comfortable and dry in hot or cold weather.
  • Thick Full Cushioned Socks are ideal for wearing with work boots and gumboots, for hiking, and are also very popular worn as slippers or house socks, or as bed socks to survive chilly winter weather.
  • ¬†Weighs approximately 140 grams.


  • Assorted


  • XS (Up to a size 4)
  • Small (Men’s 4-6, Ladies 5-8)
  • Medium (Men’s 7-10, Ladies 9-12)
  • Large (Men’s 11-14)