• It cools your can (or stubby) for hours!
  • The insides are 100% Australian wool, a natural insulate that has kept sheep warm for thousands of years.
  • The outsides are Australian oilskin which is water repellent and durable.
  • The back has a leather and metal clip that can be attached to just about anything – like bags, belts or bikes – or even to itself so you can use it like a handle.


  • Water repellent and tough Australian oilskin makes the Can Cooler durable and long-lasting.
  • Insulated with 100% Australian wool to keep your stubby cool for hours.
  • Fits standard stubbies, cans and long-necked bottles.
  • The metal and leather clip on the back allows you to fasten it to just about anything you want, for easy portability, be it a bike, belt or bag.

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