• Roll your drink up nice and cosy with the leather straps and it will keep cool for hours.
  • The Stubby Swag is filled with 100% Australian wool, a natural insulation that has been keeping sheep warm for thousands of years.
  • The leather straps are adjustable so you can use it on drinks of varying girth, from stubbies to drink bottles. It can even fit on keep cups, where it will keep them warmer for longer.
  •  The outside is made from oilskin, which means that the Stubby Swag will last for ages and it’s waterproof, which’ll make cleaning any spills easier.


  •  Tough and waterproof oilskin makes the Stubby Swag durable and long-lasting
  • Insulated with 100% Australian wool to keep your stubby cool for hours.
  •  Adjustable leather straps tabs allow it to fit cans, stubbies, and even some drink bottles and keep cups.


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