Vegetable Tanned Leather


Vegetable or veg tanned leather is generally considered the premium leather.   It is used in saddlery, high-end upholstery and footwear industries.

It is a much slower process but produces a range of leathers with varied applications.   Some are suitable for molding into shapes, some will stamp or carve, some are made strong and without stretch and some are made with elastic capabilities.   These leathers are regularly assessed during the tanning process and graded to different finishes and types   Only the best of the best go through to become premium saddlery leather.

Premium veg tanned leathers are generally dyed and not painted.   This produces leather that will have tones in the leather colouring and will show scratches and skin imperfections.

When you buy an item displaying these characteristics it is your guarantee that your item is made with premium natural leather.

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