• From the Australian wool to the weatherproof oilskin, The Australian Hiker’s Water Holder can be as adventurous as you are.
  • From hikers and kayakers to shoppers everyone needs to drink water. So let it be a pleasant experience!
  • This Australian wool insulated cooler bag can keep your water cool for up to six hours.
  • The drawstring pulls tight to secure your bottle and seal in the cold.
  • The tough, adjustable strap makes hydrating easy no matter what your adventure is: sling it across your body or carry it in your hand, and it’s right by your side and at the perfect temperature.


  • Rugged, water resistant oilskin for longevity and style.
  • 100% Australian wool to keep your drink bottle cool.
  • Thick drawstring secures both the bottle and the temperature.
  • Carry it in your hand or sling it across your body – the adjustable strap makes hydration easy no matter what you’re up to.
  • Large: 1 – 1.25L bottles. Small: 750ml bottles.