Ronald M. Hill was born in Broken Hill in 1957 and treasures the childhood memory of going “bush” with his father and helping out on his grandfather’s sheep property in South Australia.   Although Ron is a qualified painter, decorator and signwriter, his passion is for making saddlery and plaiting kangaroo hide stockwhips in the traditional way.   Ron believes the years spent as a signwriter and painter have given him a great eye for detail and the dedication to maintain quality.

Ron and his family spent 17 years in the Albury district, being involved with a number of horse groups and regularly riding around the high country.

In 2002, Ron and his wife, Liz returned to Broken Hill and decided to open a “one stop bushman’s shop” incorporating Ron’s passion for traditional leatherwork and to service the increasing demand for his stockwhips.

Outback Whips and Leather was set up to supply the people living and working in the outback with quality products and reliable service.   Ron’s Bush Leathercraft has become the manufacturing side of the business and continues the high standards and quality our customers have come to expect.

At Ron’s Bush Leathercraft we believe that although a product has to look good, if it doesn’t perform how it should or if it doesn’t stand up to the conditions then it isn’t good enough.